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Machinery Hire

With the high costs associated with the ownership and operation of modern farm machinery, many farm businesses have chosen to rationalise. Selling certain items of machinery will free up capital, labour and reduce depreciation. The wide range of suppliers available through the ring means even peak season demands can still be met. We also have access to fleet deals on a range of vehicles and tractors.

List of machinery and services available
Replacement if breakdown occurs
Guide rates
A chance to earn extra income
Available with an operator or self-hire
Short & long term tractor hire

  • Preventing Billshock Abroad
    How to avoid excessive phone charges when overseas
  • BMR hosts Borders Safety Group for Fire Safety meeting
    Borders Safety Group met at BMR to receive a presentation from local Fire Enforcement Officers and discuss Fire Safety
  • Woodwaste fines for animal bedding Woodwaste fines for animal bedding
    Woodfines can make a good substitute for straw bedding. Various grades are available, call BMR to see a samples
  • Driver CPC Offer from JK Transport Training Services
    BMR is offering Driver CPC units at Earlston delivered by JK Transport Training Services
  • Farm Assurance with Acoura Farm Assurance with Acoura
    Special rates available on new certifications and renewals
  • Jaguar & Land Rover - Improved deals Jaguar & Land Rover - Improved deals
    Anglia Farmers are now able to offer manufacturer terms


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